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Engaging Exposures

Our name really says it all. A picture must engage you in the event. Looking at you begin to ask questions. A story unfolds and even Angelic statues must cry once in a while.

I want to give you a brief background on myself. I have been shooting professional photography now for many years. I took classes and have my graduation certificate from the New York Institute of Photography. Most of the work has been sports or nature related but I also photograph portraits, art, landscapes as well as weddings.

Much of my wedding work has been with people I have known throughout my life. This has gone well and I have since decided to expand my expertise to include weddings and engagements to the public.

We are different. “How?” you may ask. We not only know our equipment, but we also continue to expand our knowledge of the science of photography. At the same time we are artists wanting to create emotion for future viewers. What is a photograph without bringing about feelings?

Not only are we different in what we expect, but how we work with potential clients. We ask you what you want. Every shoot requires us working to meet your expectations and will create lists of every shot you would like, not just ones we like.

On very important days such as weddings we always have a second photographer for back up and to ensure more and better pictures from different angles. It may be a stressful day, why worry about the pictures when we will do that for you.

Reordering prints can be done through the photographer, but unlike other professionals, we do not require it. When we have completed our initial work, the pictures are yours to do with as you desire. We do offer the highest quality prints, but if you choose to take them to a one hour photo, that is up to you.

With the skills I acquired through the years shooting sports, honoring requests and getting specific shots, it will be something I can make happen for anyone in our area.

Engaging Exposures